Hot Fudge Sundae Oreo Brownies

Hot Fudge Sundae Oreo Brownies

Warm brownie with a cold glass of milk anyone? - What a perfect combination. For Oreo and brownie lovers out there, This simple recipe is a sure hit to satisfy your sweetest cravings. Fudge, Oreo's, brownies, ice cream and whole lot of chocolaty goodness in a bite! Aside from the chocolate chip cookie, Oreo has probably become everyone's favorite cookie. From your cupcakes, brownies or cakes- there are no desserts that Oreo cookies cannot improved. Crushed or whole Oreo cookies give a rich cookies and cream flavor.

This Hot Fudge Sundae Oreo Brownie is a simple recipe to try. Ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery stores. Different recipes in the internet have slight variations of measurements but you have to use your own judgement in the mixture. The procedure too is simple to follow and consists of a few steps.

How to make a brownie? For this recipe, you will need a box of brownie mix. Make sure to follow the ingredients and procedure which is indicated in the box to ensure a smooth brownie mixture. 40-50 minutes is the usual baking time indicated in the box. Do not over bake your brownies. For this recipe,a hot fudge topping and an ice cream is needed to combine with the brownie mix. This will surely thicken the batter so don't forget to add a 1/4 cup of water. The hot fudge topping should be at room temperature so it is softer to use. You will need to pour the brownie batter in the layer of Oreo cookies as per the directions. Aside from the Oreo, the cookies and cream ice cream will also give a rich and tasty flavor to your brownie.

The best part of this recipe is eating your freshly baked Hot Fudge Sundae Oreo Brownie. Well enjoy! This recipe can be found at the website link below to "Kevin and Amanda".

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