Homey Mini Log Cabin For $8000

Homey Mini Log Cabin For $8000

There are so many beautiful log cabin designs out there these days! Check out this awesome Homey Mini Log Cabin For $8000! This smaller log cabin is only $8000 and would be the perfect little tiny house for someone who wants to join in the tiny house revolution and downsize, or it is great for people who would like an extra room in their own back yard. There are many benefits both to living in a tiny home and having a small log cabin on your property. Living in a tiny home log cabin costs way less than living in a normal sized home of course, so you can save money to do the things you really want to do, like traveling or living life to the fullest and not having to work so much.

Having a small log cabin in your home is also wonderful, because it can be a separate guest house for when you have company come to visit, or you can rent it out to travellers as a place to stay. You can also have one of these log cabins in your own yard for use as an office, or a studio for crafting, art, or music. It would also make a great meditation room, or reading room away from the rest of the house. Sometimes it is just nice to have separate space away from the main house. People also rent them out as an apartment, if they have the kitchen and bathroom in it. It would be an awesome source of income.

These particular Clockhouse Log Cabins are 5.5m x 4m in size, and the cabin kits come from the UK. They may even be able to ship over to North America. The Clockhouse log cabin is a nice and small size, with plenty of windows that are spaced out nicely to allow in lots of nice natural light into the space, opening it up to the outdoors which can sometimes make it seem even larger than it actually is. The double doors are nice to have as well, for the same reason that it really opens up the space to the outside. On some of the ones in the photos on the website, they have a nice porch around the log cabins, which would be an awesome feature to have to sit out on and relax or entertain having a BBQ on.

All of the logs they use in log home building kits come from fully sustainable sources, which are usually sustainable tree farms. They grow the trees for the purpose of using them in these kits, and then they will replant new ones after some are removed. It is a nice way to do things so that we are not using ancient forests to build our log cabins and homes. Most of the trees are white pine, as this is the wood with the least amount of knots, and if they have them, they are very hard knots as opposed to the softer knots that most trees have. They also have one of the highest insulation ratings of all of the wood. Logs are a very durable and strong material to build with as well, and your log cabin or home will stand lifetimes, braving all of the most harsh elements.

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