Homeless But Determined 50-Year-Old Builds Her Tiny Home

Homeless But Determined 50-Year-Old Builds Her Tiny Home

Wow, it’s so amazing what we can do when we put our heart and mind to one singular task – and here’s a perfect example! This is a wonderful, inspiring story about a 50-year-old woman who built her very own tiny home simply because she really had no other choice. Shirley Loomis learned what true homelessness was when she was forced out of her own home in New England due to financial challenges. After spending an entire summer without a place to live, she realized she had no one to depend on but herself. And so, she began to take the initiative.

Shirley was a single mom, but her kids had just moved out, so at least she didn’t have them to worry about. She somehow managed to get herself set up in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but she vowed that one day she would own her own house again. What was more, she would build it herself! That’s when she started planning her new do-it-yourself tiny house – one that would be as efficient as it was mobile. Yes, that’s right - her new home would have wheels so she could park it wherever she wanted! She slowly gathered together the reference books, building materials, and tools. The project was only supposed to take about six months, but with continuing financial challenges, the going was slow. But Shirley never gave up! After two years, she made her dream come true. Shirley’s been living in her tiny home for well over a year now and she even has a blog about it! It’s truly a tiny home at just 130 square feet, but it’s already held up against some crazy weather and for that she is very grateful.

Want to learn more about Shirley Loomis and her tiny home? Then head on over to the “Tiny House For Us” website by following the link in the description below!

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