Home Sweet Log Home

Home Sweet Log Home

I'am always surprised at the types of tiny houses, log cabins and small houses that are available in some of the most beautiful locations all over the world. This "Home Sweet Log Home," is stunning, in the most amazing spot, with an even more interesting story.

The small cabins, log houses, log cabins and tiny cabins to vacation and stay, in the town of Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, are well, simply breathtaking. These tiny houses, log cabins and small cabins are located in the small town that was originally a mining camp, established in 1885, the town prospered for a while, and then became deserted by 1918. Fast forward to 1994, when the current owners bought the town and renovated the entire town, and all the small cabins, tiny cabins and log homes and log cabins into what it is today, the renovation project took seven years! There are several small cabins, tiny cabins and log homes to stay in, starting at about $600 per night, going up to $1900, depending on the season. In the Delores small cabin, you will stay in an original Dunton cabin from the 1800's, beside a river, beautifully restored, featuring a Rajasthan wedding bed, great for romantic seclusion.

These small cabins, tiny cabins and log cabins are available for packages, weddings and groups. I can't imagine a more spectacular spot to stay with a group of friend, then to rent out the whole town, for a special event. One of the small cabins (Well House Cabin) is built around a small, on demand hot spring, with views of the mountains and fireplace, amazing. These small cabins, tiny cabins and log houses really take you back in time, they are renovated perfectly, not a detail missed, they are a must see, with plenty of photos on this great site.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Dunton Hot Springs" website.

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