Home Sweet Home Log Cabins

Home Sweet Home Log Cabins

Do you have a property where you could benefit from an extra shed or a tiny house that would be suitable as a guest house or even an office? Maybe you have a student still living at home, and you would like them to experience a little more independence with their own space and you a little more privacy?

You may want to consider the small iLikeSheds Summerhouses. This company is located in the United Kingdom. These buildings come in a variety of sizes and styles. Let us have a look at one of the styles. The Oakham Log Cabin is 10ft x 10ft. It has 18mm wall thickness and comes with fully glazed double doors. When you order a cabin, it will be delivered with all the fittings plus a heavy duty roof felt for self-assembly. Standard for this type of structure is the 28mm Thick Interlocking Logs. There are thick tongue and groove timber for the roof and floor. The floorplan offers a generous roof height. All the external windows and door are fitted with a draught seal system. This is only one of the many models the company has to offer.

A little information about the company. iLikeSheds is a leading online Garden building retailer in the UK. They sell a range of wooden, metal plastic sheds. They sell small sheds and larger sheds. These structures could be used as tiny houses with some modifications. Some of the buildings available are Corner Octagonal, Clock Houses, Garages and Bespoke Log Cabins. They also offer a variety of pressure treated buildings. The company also has a variety of garden items such as beautiful bird baths. You will find arbours, benches and gazebos. All the things you need to go along with your little log cabin for some fabulous outdoor living.

Please visit the 'I Like Sheds' website below for a look through their extensive catalogue.

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