Hobbit-Style Eco-Friendly House Built From Scratch

Hobbit-Style Eco-Friendly House Built From Scratch

More and more tiny houses and small homes are popping up all over the world, and it only makes sense with the high cost of living, and people wanting a more environmentally friendly option, one that lessens their reliance on fossil fuels, and offers a more sustainable lifestyle. This "Hobbit-Style Eco-Friendly House Built From Scratch," is an excellent example of what someone with a little creativity and determination can accomplish.

This hobbit style eco friendly house built from scratch cost about $220 to build. The fairytale like home, is a cob house, built by putting dirt over a wooden frame, with no harm to the environment. All the materials for the cob cottage were found locally and no papers or documents were necessaries the cob cottage is considered a summer house. The cob cottage has no running water or electricity, has a wood floor, an adorable sleeping loft.

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