Here's What Happens When You Pair up High Style with Even Higher Efficiency (Click for Floor Plan)

Here's What Happens When You Pair up High Style with Even Higher Efficiency (Click for Floor Plan)

While some log cabins are designed for aesthetic value, others are designed for efficiency. And then there is this MLH-028-A Log Cabin Plan, designed with frontier spirit, rustic charm and efficiency in mind. Montana Log Homes is responsible for this stunning yet clever and skillfully organized log home design. If your dream is to own a log cabin, you should check out this MLH-028-A Log Cabin Plan to see how space can be used so deftly and masterfully in such a magnificent log home design.

If you are looking for the right log home company to make your dream of owning a log home more than just a dream, then you need to consider Montana Log Homes. The skillful craftsmen at Montana Log Homes have been handcrafting custom log homes for more than four decades, and their mission statement says it all. They arent trying to be one of the biggest log home builders, but they are trying to be the best. All log homes built by Montana Log Homes are individually crafted by skilled log smiths utilizing old school tools of the trade: chainsaws and traditional hand tools. No other forms of construction can come close to matching the charm and warmth of a log home and few companies are able to match the skill and quality of Montana Log Homes. They are the true handcrafted alternative.

The MLH-028-A Log Cabin Plan is a 28 by 40, 1120 square foot (on the main floor, plus a three-quarter loft) design that also includes a covered front porch for extra character and style. On the main floor, you will find an open kitchen, dining room, and great room, along with two large bedrooms and a full bath. A beautiful set of stairs will take you up to the large loft which also includes a massive master bedroom and master bath. The interior is just as stunning, if not more-so than the exterior with beautiful handcrafted wood from floor to ceiling. The dark stain makes this home feel cozy and inviting. Exposed beams give it a real rustic charm that many expect from a log home.

All of the log homes built by Montana Log Homes are done so with green building practices in mind. Montana Log Homes uses the dead and dying trees from forests which, when properly harvested, help contribute to a healthier forest. And because all of these dead trees have been allowed to air dry naturally some of them for many years no additional quick-drying (kiln drying) is required. Not only does Montana Log Homes utilize the most sustainable building material on the planet, they also aid homeowners with energy efficiency. Those who live in properly sealed log homes use less home heating (wood burning, oil, natural gas, electricity), which in turn contributes to a smaller carbon footprint, and a more eco-friendly approach. The reason for this is that the cell structure in dry logs is actually one of natures best insulators. Finally, the ultimate in green building is the ability to produce homes that are constructed to last for centuries, which are energy efficient and made from renewable resources. As an added bonus, theyre also comfortable to live in and beautiful to look at!

MLH-028-A Log Cabin Plan is just one of the many designs Montana Log Cabins offer but dont be afraid to ask about their custom services. Building dream homes are what theyre in the business of doing and have done over and over for the past 40 years. When purchasing the log home of your dreams, consider the handcrafted alternative. Consider hiring Montana Log Homes to make all your dreams come true.

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