Here's an Example That Shows Just How Eco-Friendly and Beautiful a Log House Can Be

Here's an Example That Shows Just How Eco-Friendly and Beautiful a Log House Can Be

The Meadows is the perfect log cabin floor plan for retirees and small families looking for a vacation home. This log cabin floor plan is 1,232 square feet, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open concept space with cathedral ceilings. On the first floor of this log home floor plan, there is an open kitchen, dining room/living room, bathroom, two bedrooms, a back patio and a covered front patio. Downstairs you have a recreation room and covered patio. Inside this rustic log cabin is lots of wood on the floors, walls, and ceiling that add to its appeal. This would be a nice log cabin to have at the lake, a place where you can enjoy summer vacations swimming, boating and fishing with family and friends.

The Meadows log cabin is available in logs only package or a complete package. Prices for the log only package start at $36,500 and go to $79,600. This log home model has been modified from the Hanover Craftsman Series design. The attractive and practical log home floor plan has not been altered making the popular Craftsman design more affordable.Coventry Log Homes has more than 60 models in five different categories with the Craftsman, the Tradesman log home, the Cabin and the Recreational Camp Series as well as additions and garages. The mill at Coventry produces three package options from the log wall, the shell and the complete log home package in a variety of log profiles. Coventry log homes also produce a six by 8 and eight by eight solid log milled to mimic the traditional look of clapboard siding as well as regular log siding.

In 1999 the Somersworth log home model was built on the mill lot of Coventry Log Homes to showcase Coventry log homes to the public. By 2004, an addition to the log home model was built to allow for the expansion of office personnel while maintaining the original look of the Somersworth log home floor plan. At that time, the sales team was doubled to four. The following year the mill yard at Coventry Log Homes was expanded when the next door drive-in theater became available for sale. Coventry Log Homes has slowly grown over the years, building upon their log home experience. And in the process of building their company, they have been able to enjoy a business they are passionate about.

These days it seems everybody is thinking about climate change and the environment. So when people are looking for log home companies, they want to know that they practice green building methods. The Riverside log home was built by Coventry Log Homes, and the good news about this quality log home company is that all of their construction methods meet the highest levels for building green. While a log home qualifies naturally to be a green build. The following are some of the green practices that Coventry Log Homes takes part in. Their log home product is all natural and does no contain any harmful toxins. They work with local loggers who manage the natural resources responsibly.Using wood for log home construction and custom home builds is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment. Logs and wood reduce greenhouse gasses and stores carbons. A healthy sustainable forest is a readily available option to climate change. On an average, an acre of healthy growing tree absorbs almost 3 tons of carbon dioxide and releases close to 2 tons of oxygen. As a tree's growth starts to slow and the tree ages, fewer carbons are absorbed.

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