Here is What a $180k Log Cabin Kit Looks Like, Stunning! Click for More Photos

Here is What a $180k Log Cabin Kit Looks Like, Stunning! Click for More Photos

If you have ever wondered about log cabin kits before, and wondered how a larger one would look, Here is What a $180k Log Cabin Kit Looks Like, Stunning! Click for More Photos! There are so many different designs of log house and cabin kits so it's nice to get an idea of how big or small they can get and how much they may cost. The cabin kits for larger log cabins are obviously going to cost more, because you need more materials to build them, and also, if you are hiring on contractors to build it, it will cost more too.

You can opt to get 3 different types of packages from Coventry Log Homes, one being the Log Wall Package, which is basically just the milled logs that make up the walls of the log home, the rest needs to be purchased at a local hardware supply store or elsewhere, making it the most affordable option. The second option is the Shell Package and this one includes the windows, doors, roof materials which includes shingles, and then you finish the sub floor and interior of the log home separately. The third option is the most expensive, but also the one with the most supplied for you. The Complete package may be more money upfront, but if you want your house done in a certain time frame, it is the best option, since everything is delivered right to you and this option includes everything!

The Athens log home from Coventry Log Homes is a gorgeous log home that was featured in Log Home Illustrated magazine. The Log Wall Package for this one would cost $108, 000 , the Shell package for this log home would be $173, 500 and the Complete package would be $180, 500 for a 6 by 8 or $194, 950 for an 8 by 8 version of the log home. Either way, this log home is stunning. With 2640 square feet of space including 2 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms, with loft space and a cathedral ceiling, this log home is more like a log mansion! The photos are incredible, showing the living space and the gorgeous kitchen space, complete with matching cabinetry and a stone island with bar stool seating. There is even space for a games room on the upper level that would be wonderful for a pool table or other family favorite games.

There are plenty of great sized windows to allow in optimal sunlight, a very beautiful stone built wood burning fire place, also a very nice sized porch and deck, which would make for the perfect place to hang out and relax, or to entertain guests for a BBQ or dinner party. Coventry Log Homes uses nothing but the best in quality materials, and uses Eastern White Pine logs. Log home kits are a wonderful way to build the home of your dreams. The logs used in the kits from most of these companies come from sustainable tree plantations, where the trees are grown specifically to be used for log housing and other log building projects and replanted as they are used. This helps keep all of the ancient growth forests intact and thriving, and so its a more sustainable way to build beautiful, quality homes and cabins.

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