He Heard She Had No Home, So He Took Five Days To Do This For Her

He Heard She Had No Home, So He Took Five Days To Do This For Her

It will make your day to hear this amazing story. In this inspiring and beautifully touching story, you will read about Elvis Summers and Irene "Smokie" McGhee. He Heard She Had No Home, So He Took Five Days To Do This For Her. You will be able to read more in depth in the article, and see that what he did for a woman he just knew as an acquaintance is nothing short of amazing! It is probably at the top of my list of one of the nicest things I think I have ever seen some one do for another human being.

He even skimped on groceries for himself just to build this shelter for her. He saw such need in her and he met her with open arms and a solution to her homelessness. He had no idea that this would even go beyond helping one person, but now he is working with the government to find a plot of land to build many of these sleeping shelters on. That is so amazing! As you will see, the little shelter is nothing big or fancy by any means, but at least it gives people a shelter to sleep in at night. To protect them from the elements and possibly from other people or animals on the streets. It goes to show that little things like this can go a long way. Irene even said that she felt so much safer in her shelter that she must have slept for the entire afternoon the first day she got it.

It is so awesome to know that there are amazing people out there like this who see a need and fill that need, and go above and beyond to help another human being out. These acts of kindness from the heart are truly what I feel is making the world a better place, one person at a time. The more we can open our hearts and see we are all in this together, the better off we will all be.

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