He Cracks The Egg Over Onion Rings, And Reveals This GENIUS Kitchen Trick!

He Cracks The Egg Over Onion Rings, And Reveals This GENIUS Kitchen Trick!

Guys, are you not so good in your kitchen? Well you won't after you see when He Cracks The Egg Over Onion Rings, And Reveals This GENIUS Kitchen Trick! We need to make our lives simpler inside the kitchen, my friends. And we need tricks. Thanks to Household Hacker, they have found the way to hack the egg-cooking problems as well as a whole other host of kitchen hacks that will make your kitchen your favourite place to be.

This one of the most brilliant tricks, guys. Cooking eggs is one of the problems of many people, including me. I always want it perfect, exact circles. When I decide on cooking eggs in the morning, I get frustrated even though I havent done any frying yet. I have visualized the future of my fried eggs, and it is not even a bright one. But since Ive watched Household Hackers YouTube video on these ten kitchen tricks, Ive found my way to love my kitchen. I didnt know that I will only need big onion slices to make perfectly fried eggs. Plus a frying pan, of course. This particular cooking hack can make your mornings brighter for sure. All you have to do is slice your onion so that you have a couple of large onion rings. You put it in the warm frying pan and then crack the egg right into it. The egg will cook perfectly right in the onion! Plus, it will look, and taste awesome. Whoever you serve it to will be totally impressed. Just add a side of hash browns and some toast and you have yourself the perfect sunday brunch idea.

There are also some other awesome kitchen hacks in this video that will help to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and maybe even really fun! There is a kitchen hack on how to cut bread the right way so that it keeps its nice round shape, all you have to do is cut the bread from the bottom. That is something I didn't know until now honestly, but it does make a lot of sense actually. Another kitchen hack that I would find helpful is when trying to get beans out of the can, they can often feel like they are to ally vacuum sealed into the can, but instead of taking a spoon or a spatula as I usually do, all you have to do is poke some holes in the bottom of the can to release the pressure. Voila! The beans slide right out with no prompting. One of the other ones I would love to try out is cooking or reheating leftover pizza on the stove top. Usually when you have leftover pizza, you want to heat it in the microwave, but you always end up with gross rubbery pizza that is all soggy... You don't want that, and it doesn't have to be that way either. Just heat up a frying pan and heat the slice on both sides. How simple right?!

These kinds of hacks are so wonderful to get you out of a kitchen funk and liven up the way you do things when you are preparing meals. They are also a great thing to show to your friends and family members to have them try out and use in their own kitchens. Information like this is contagious, and should be! It's great to make mundane tasks easier on ourselves after all, and why not have some fun doing it? Make sure you watch the entire video and check out more of the Household Hacker videos for more ideas. They have so many great household hacks that will blow your mind and have you thinking, "Why didn't I think of this before?" and you will immediately want to put them to the test! Happy hacking!

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