Have You Ever Wanted to Escape Society and Live Alone in Nature?

Have You Ever Wanted to Escape Society and Live Alone in Nature?

Quiet. Calm. Peaceful. Just you alone, with your thoughts, your wits and nature. The great outdoors, unfettered by buildings and business. Rocky mountains, caves, beaches, forests, meadows. Stretching and stretching before you. There is an incredible silence of all things man made. No horns blaring, no constant hum of traffic. No music beating out it rhythms. The only sounds are the sounds of your footsteps. The wind in the trees or the crash of waves. The sweet melody of bird songs serenade you as you meander through this oasis. Your paradise.

Unlike other times, this is not a brief visit or an extended holiday. It is your life. This is your home. Far from civilization. Your home is a cave or a cabin built from the land itself. It is out here in this quiet you have made your home and in doing so have silenced all the demands and pressures of society. You have found yourself.

Is that what it takes? Must one live alone, far away from the reaches and clutches of modern society, in order to hear their own blessed thoughts, to know their own mind, to find their own heart? In the rush and business of day to day life, in the constant hum or scream of all the technology, we can so quickly loose sight of ourselves. Media, society, peers. They all have expectations and demands and we often find ourselves contorting into all kinds of things to meet them. The emptiness haunts us.

Danila Tkachenko in her Project-Escape, explores and travels in search of those who have left society and all its context. They live alone in the wild, in nature. Did they succeed? Were they able to break from what society told them they should be and did they find their true selves. To learn more about Danila's project click on the link below to the 'Tiny House Living' website.

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