Handcrafted Log Lounger

Handcrafted Log Lounger

These days everyone wants to incorporate reducing, reusing and recycling - into home decor and design. Therefore, in salvaging wood for your projects it should be called - Recycling, Repurposing and Reclaiming wood. These days, people across the globe are finding new ways to "reclaim" wood that was meant for landfills to utilize when decorating their homes. This trend of using salvaged wood furniture eliminates disposable furniture being thrown away like garbage. Buying or making reclaimed furniture can be a bit expensive, but the quality allows them to be passed down generations and generations due to long-lasting durability, style, and exceptional comfort. "Rustic log furniture" furniture and dcor made with quality, sustainable materials can be used for making beds, loungers, coffee-tables, bar stools, chairs, dining tables and more!

Using "pioneer style" re-purposed wood in the decoration of your home creates unique and one-of-a-kind possibilities - inside or outside! Introducing salvaged pieces or works made out of driftwood brings a bit of mother nature to modern interior design. Some beautiful "Do-it-yourself" projects involved taking an old piece of furniture and repurposing it to give it a new life or identity. Something so simple and useless as a wooden pallet can be turned it into something chic, functional and an amazing conversation piece. Reclaimed wood furniture has a history, and this makes it charming and unique which lends character and warmth to your home. Remember that when reclaiming wood most are one of a kind, so designs are personal, original and bespoke. The possibilities are endless for using reclaimed wood furniture in your decor ideas!

Furniture using salvaged wood is affordable as the quality means you don't have to keep replacing it. Or get crafty and try to do-it-yourself by using ideas online to re-create a piece in your home before buying new things. Some ideas are fun for the whole family and can be used for a cabin or deck or beach house as well. Make sure to click the link to Pinterest below to get inspired!

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