Hand Hewn Historic Cabin

Hand Hewn Historic Cabin

Are you looking for a unique small cabin that is already built? This hand hewn historic cabin may be just what you are looking for! It is a little piece of history and very charming. It was built between 1930 and 1960. It was one of the original cabins built in Yellowstone National Park. It has been salvaged from the park where they replace these cabins with new ones. It has been completely restored and an off grid system has been added to it. Also added in the restoration was a kitchenette and a lovely little porch, where you could enjoy the beautiful sunsets, or enjoy a morning cup of coffee to the sunrise, if you are an early riser. The cabin has to be moved from its current location on a ranch in Livingston, Montana. The current owner who is also the person who salvaged and restored the cabin will be in charge of dismantling and moving the cabin, to ensure it stays in the same beautiful state it is currently in.

The cabin is 224 square feet and has one bedroom and one bathroom. It is listed at $37,500. The exterior of the cabin is in the original state and looks as it did when originally built. It has a very rustic country look to it. It includes a wood stove which is perfect for heating it. The lumber that was originally used to build it was hand hewn. As well as the siding on the interior of the cabin. This means the logs from which it came were turned into lumber and siding by hand with an axe. With no machinery for milling lumber and only an axe in hand, some of the original settlers of North America built their homes this way. This gives it a very different and unique look from a round log cabin. You can feel like a real pioneer living in this charming classic American cabin. However you will have electricity because a solar powered system has been added to it.

To view the full details for this cabin click on the link below for the Tiny House Listings website. Check the comments section where the current owner of the cabin has given some additional details. There are also many other unique tiny houses for sale on this website. Be sure to check it out. You may be inspired!

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