Guess How Much this Log Cabin Sold for on Ebay? $26,500? $39,000? $65,000 or $98,000?

Guess How Much this Log Cabin Sold for on Ebay? $26,500? $39,000? $65,000 or $98,000?

Guess How Much this Log Cabin Sold for on Ebay? $26,500? $39,000? $65,000 or $98,000? If you guessed $26,000, you would be right! This is a lovely 400 square foot log cabin that can be ordered online and could be the perfect place to call home, or use as a recreational cabin. Many people purchase small log homes like this one to use as a cabin, or even as a first home or a home to downsize into after retirement. If you don't need or want a lot of space in your home, a prefab park model style log house like this wilderness cabin might just be the perfect size to order. The log home kits for sale can be ordered through Ebay, which is a fairly common place for people to order items from. The small log homes are shipped from Lake Orion, Michigan, in the United States and are able to be moved right onto a lot and lived in.

These log home kits for sale from Wilderness Cabins, are able to be fully furnished as well, with the customer's choice of fabrics and interior decor colours. The log house kits will even include the major appliances that the residents will need like a refrigerator, a stove, dishwasher, and laundry units. These small log homes are beautiful, and they usually have at least one bedroom and a bathroom. Some of the log home kits for sale will include a loft area in the final build, that is great for extra sleeping space or storage. There is also so much potential for a nice porch to be built onto the unit, and there are many great sized windows to let in the sweet view and natural light.

Park Models like this one are a wonderful choice for people who want to save money so that they can enjoy other things in life. Since these small log homes are only 400 square feet, you will not have to pay any property taxes on it, which makes it even more appealing. The seller also has financing options to make it easier to own one of these great small log homes. You can see in the archive of photos on their Ebay listing, that they also have other styles of prefab log built park models. This really helps you to see how you can personalize the log house to be your own style, and you will notice that no two look the same. The interiors are bright and spacious, not as small as you might think. With plenty of room for full sized furniture and all of your belongings you can move right in as soon as it is all done being built. The interior features cathedral ceilings even, which really opens up the space and makes it feel open. For the interior paneling they use knotty pine tongue and groove on the walls and ceiling, which looks so warm and beautiful.

For their Arctic ready log home kits for sale they have R30 value insulation, which is perfect for colder regions and would make sure that all of the heat would stay inside the home. For as little as $400 per month with 10% down on $53,000 this prefab log house could be yours to call home. The most fabulous part about purchasing a mobile home like this is that it can be moved anywhere you want it. Perfect for people who like to move around a bit. Check out all of the great photos they have posted on their Ebay listing and see for yourself how great living in a park model log house can be. They also have many other options available and they can be contacted for more information on these awesome log houses, so have a look around and be inspired.*

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