Grow Your Own Food in this Raised Garden Bed DIY Project

Grow Your Own Food in this Raised Garden Bed DIY Project

The idea of going off-grid and achieving self sustainability is very appealing for many people. More and more, so as the world becomes busier, more hectic and crowded, and as our mainstream grocery stores stop producing quality food for the masses, more and more people desire to get back to our roots, back to the old way of doing things. People are getting excited to grow organic, healthy foods and to create their own gardens. This is a very exciting journey to embark on!

While moving out to the country is not something that everyone can just do, depending on what keeps them tied to living in a city, fortunately, you don't need to become a farmer to enjoy the benefits of growing your own organic healthy food right in your back yard. Not only do you get your own home grown food, but you get to learn a lot along the way. Gardening is also a wonderful way to get in touch with nature and mother earth, something that people who live in the cities tend not to do too often. This connection helps to relieve stress and to feel connected to something greater. There are many benefits to garden therapy as many like to call it. So this raised garden bed give us a strait-forward DIY project, that has far reaching and lifelong benefits.

What are the benefits that you will get in building up a raised garden bed, over gardening traditionally right in the ground? One of the major benefits that youll probably get is, it is now more easier on your back, you dont need to lean as far down like the usual planting method and harvesting the crops. And second, better drainage and better soil, since you will tend to have more control over the gardened area. This project is great for older folks who still love to garden, but maybe they have physical limitations that hinder them from being able to kneel on the ground for long periods of time. So raised beds are a great option for many reasons. The great part is, you don't need a ton of materials to make one, and it is very simple to put together and doesn't cost very much either.

Before you get started, determine first the location where you will plan to put your box. After which, you need to provide these materials in order to get started.

Materials to be use:

- 6 scrap 2 x 8 x 12 pieces of untreated lumber (this is actually depending upon what size of garden bed you are planning)

- 1 scrap 4 x 4 x 12

- Wood exterior screws

- Stain

- Drill

- Gravel

- Garden soil

You then lay out all of your wood in the space where your garden bed will go, laying out all of the parts of the structure as it will be build. I find doing this helps to make sure you don't miss anything. Then, you simply screw the two side boards together with the shorter pieces of wood, on the inside of the boards. Then, once you have screwed all of the pieces together, and your box is formed, as you will see on the post, you then pour in gravel at the bottom of the bed for good drainage, and then wheel barrel in your beautiful, fresh soil. Once all of that is finished, you basically can begin planting. Put in your home grown or store bought seedlings and watch them grow!

It costs an estimated $500 in materials, but likely you could get it done for less if you source your wood from up-cycle sources. Still, even at $500, it's a small price to pay for healthy organic garden fresh vegetables and herbs. The key point is, having a raised garden bed will help you save time, money and back pain. Start yours now!

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