Grow 50 Plants in a 2.5sqft Space with a Vertical Garden in a Barrel

Grow 50 Plants in a 2.5sqft Space with a Vertical Garden in a Barrel

Whether you live a home that provides you with lots of space or only a little space, if you love growing your own vegetables, herbs and berries and you have limited space this is a great idea that will give you 50 planting spots in the 2.5 square foot space provided in this barrel. There are plenty of reasons to grown your own food.

Innumerable vegetables will grow very well in a containers. Even if you have lots of space, using container gardens allows you to keep closer controls over the growing environment. This barrel will provide a mulching area for worms. You can set up automated drip irrigation for water efficiency, and you will find it easier to feed your plants, keep bugs and pesky animals at bay and overall yield much higher results than you can imagine.

Container gardening also means minimal weeding so your time will be freed up from this tedious task. This is a large growing container but you can apply the same principles to smaller vessels as well. The trend these days is towards gardening and going organic, even in small spaces. You may not be able to produce all the food you will eat, but you sure can produce enough for fresh salads, some strawberry feasts and having fresh herbs to pick for enhancing the flavours on your wonderful home cooked meals.

Now if you are planning to plant on a balcony or in your rooftop, just be sure that the weight of either one is proportional to the other. Your water source must be accessible and see to it that the there wont be any water damage to your area or to your neighbours near you. The maintenance for this kind of project is pretty easy. Every now and then, you increase some of your collected castings as well as refill your compost as soil settles as gets used. So when possible, replant to some space if there is a slot available. Are you ready to start with your mini garden project? Best of luck!

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