Ground Beef and Twice Baked Potato Pie

Ground Beef and Twice Baked Potato Pie

Oh wow, we’ve got an exceptionally yummy recipe for you today! If you’re a big fan of shepherd’s pie, then you’re going to love this revved-up and fully-loaded new version. Yep, we’re talking about “Ground Beef and Twice Baked Potato Pie” and it’s pure Heaven on a plate!

Do you love ground beef? Do you love potatoes? Do you love cheese? Do you love bacon? What if we threw them all together on a pie plate along with a few other very choice ingredients and spices, and baked them in the oven for a little while? Imagine the lovely aroma drifting from the kitchen! Imagine the unmatched flavour when you sit down and take a bite! And it’s an easy-peasy recipe too, we might add! Prep time is only fifteen minutes. You can manage that, can’t you? And the ingredients are very simple as well – many of which you might already have kicking around the refrigerator. Total time for this dish is an hour and five minutes, but fifty minutes of that is oven time! This recipe says twice-baked potatoes, but don’t let it scare you! If you don’t have time for that, then just pre-make some lovely mashed potatoes and refrigerate them for a few hours, or even overnight. Then they’ll be good to go!

And, oh yeah, you’ll really want to have a glass pie plate for this one – it’s pretty mandatory. Why? Because it will cook your Potato Pie to absolute perfection and it your pie won’t stick to it either. This lovely recipe comes to us from the famous “Betty Crocker” website. This is a wonderful resource for all of you foodies out there. There are tons of amazing recipes on this website, and many of them have been posted with you in mind – yes, that’s right, many of them are fast, simple, and time-conscious recipes. They know how busy you are and want to help make your life run as smoothly as possible!

At the Betty Crocker website, you’ll find recipes for everyday meals, desserts, snacks, and holidays. It’s also a great place to find instructions on substitutions and conversions, proper cooking/baking equipment, ingredients and preparation, and so much more – not to mention tips and tricks for saving money (we all love that one!), shortcuts, meal planning, and even some great recipes for kids. Got a finicky little eater? Check out the kids section of the Betty Crocker website. You’re sure to find a few good ideas over there. You’ll even find out all about Betty Crocker herself. You’ve heard her name, right? Pretty much everyone in the western world has. She’s a bit of a kitchen icon around these parts, and a huge inspiration behind so many families’ food traditions. But have you ever wondered who she was, what she did, and how she got so famous? Well, we won’t spill the whole beans, but we will spill just a few of them!

Are you sitting down? Okay, take a deep breath and brace yourself… Betty Crocker doesn’t exist. What? Yeah, it’s true. There is no such person as Betty Crocker. No way, say it isn’t so! Straight up, it’s the god-honest truth. We’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you! It was ingenious, really. When The Washburn Crosby Company launched a jigsaw puzzle contest back in 1921, they needed to come up with a name so they could “personally” respond to the tremendous amount of entrants and their cooking questions. That’s when “Betty Crocker” was born.

And now, nearly 100 years later, we are still getting good cooking advice from the one and only Betty Crocker, and excellent recipes like this Ground Beef and Twice Baked Potato Pie!

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