Grain Silo Converted Into A Texas Loft Apartment

Grain Silo Converted Into A Texas Loft Apartment

You will absolutely adore this Grain Silo Converted Into A Texas Loft Apartment! It's undeniable that recycling helps out or planet. So these days, it's not surprising to see up-cycled homes as the ultimate, sustainable way of living. But have you ever heard of a grain silo that has been converted into a loft apartment? Well, it is so amazing that a container like this, once it's original intended purpose has expired, can be transformed into a home for people to live in. Tiny houses are on the rise, as another way to save money and resources, so it is natural that the two ideas could go together nicely to create a recycled tiny home.

This chic Texas Inn makes a unique destination for accommodation while visiting the Lone Star state. You might be thinking that it sounds far too rustic for you, but you will see in the photos that its interior was remodelled into something quite classy and stylish. This tiny house recycled accommodation is a great example of what one can do with a little imagination and a can-do attitude. The Texas Grain Silo accommodation owned by Edwin Hanz since 2007 is used by the Gruene Homestead Inn. The silo is a complete private oasis with one bedroom, a lovely bathroom, a small kitchen and a living area, and a price that ranges from only $175 to $210 US per night. The space can accommodate two adults and two children of ages 12 years and younger. It could be quite the fun place to stay for a change from the regular old boring hotels. How many people can say they have slept in a fancied up grain silo turned into a tiny house?

The interior design is filled with cozy and homey appeal, and the owner was able to build a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to make their guests feel right at home. If you think it would be worse then staying in an old rustic cabin in the woods with no running water, you couldn't be further from the truth. This tiny house grain silo is decked out, and is nicer than some of the apartments you see for rent in cities! It has beautifully tiled floors with persian area rugs and suede and leather furniture in the living room. There is even a little kitchenette in the tiny house grain silo! The double basin sink in the bathroom is luxurious and provides a spa like feel. And the carpeted bedroom with a full sized queen bed is dressed up in the finest linens for the best night's sleep. The front porch is the most darling little additional feature, and would be the perfect place to sip a morning coffee and look out over the rolling hills and fields.

Apparently silo tiny houses are becoming more and more popular in Texas and throughout the southern states. It truly is an innovative and unique way to take something that would otherwise be thrown away, and put it to some good use. It kind of reminds me of the shipping container houses we are seeing more often lately. Such wonderful ideas! Wouldn't this be such a fun tiny house accommodation to try out? So, when you stop by Texas, make sure to book yourself a night in this vacation house out of a grain silo! This type of unusual living may not be suitable for everyone, if you wouldn't dwell in a silo full time, would you even dare to stay the night in a silo tiny house accommodation? Well, see for yourself and be fascinated with this grain silo converted into a loft apartment. It could be a perfect weekend getaway for you and your loved ones. Enjoy!

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