Gorgeous Modern Tiny House Hand Built In 4 Months For $23k

Gorgeous Modern Tiny House Hand Built In 4 Months For $23k

There handful of reasons why many families and couples prefer living in a tiny house. Some of these reasons include having little to no debt, less maintenance and plus the ability for self sufficiency. The tiny house trend has grown relatively popular to different walks of life. Ranging from post-graduates to newly formed families, to those more seasoned aged demographic, tiny houses offered a wide range of benefits in the long run.

Apart from having fewer materials to build from, tiny houses do offer a sense of simplicity and contentment. Moreover, imagine that mobility; travel as much as you want with your house on the wheels!

Many people dream of having a tiny house. Less is more, this was a phrase I came across while surfing the Internet about particular tiny houses. And I do agree with no debate at all. We could probably have more time spent in leisure if that thing were looking for was found from the get-go. Even little spaces, if utilized efficiently can create a huge impact to our daily endeavors.

This tiny house that a couple built on their own took four months to finish and cost them $22k without the cabinets and appliances inside. At first glance, the house looks stylish and elegant for a tiny house. This tiny house is designed to provide enough space to walk around. Upon walking inside, youll see a glass window adjacent to the door. This gives the couple a feeling of openness and brings them closer to the outside environment. The roof as well was designed for the purpose of simplicity and practicality. Unlike the traditional diagonal roofs, this tiny house employed flat roofing in order to maximize space. The ceiling is high as well giving you more space. Doors and windows were made from glass and steel moldings on the edges giving it a modern look.

Another great space-saver is the area where the office and dining room were made as one. And just beside, is a large slab door where the couple hides their water heater, vacuum cleaner, electric panel and dog food. The kitchen, too, was aptly designed with a nice, comfortable feeling like it isn't a small kitchen at all.

This house is a model among other tiny houses which proves that even tiny houses can provide everything you need. So, when you decide in having your own cute tiny house in the future, you might want to use this simple, utilitarian mobile house as your inspiration.

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