Gorgeous Log Home with Wrap Around Deck MUST SEE Photo Gallery

Gorgeous Log Home with Wrap Around Deck MUST SEE Photo Gallery

Building a home is an exhilarating step to take in life. You finally get to design your own house and see your vision take shape. If you're interested in building a log house, Murray Arnott Design has some beautiful and inspiring log home plans and designs you can take a look at to get some of your own design ideas. While Murray Arnott Design doesn't sell their log home plans and designs, they can create custom log homes and post and beam homes from the designs you see in their gallery. Or you can choose to design your own house as well. The custom log house designers are located in Ontario, Canada, but they work with people from all over North America and around the world to create custom log h9ome plans and designs. They will help you design your own house from start to finish, and they will discuss all the options with you. From the design itself to the finishings used in the final stages of completion. They include their clients in every stage of the design process.

Since your perfect log house design will begin with the ideal property, you will first need to purchase the piece of land that you want to build your dream home on. Take your time in selecting the perfect property for you that will support the home you want to build. If you haven't already chosen your piece of land, Murray Arnott Design will help you in selecting your property since they have plenty of experience and know what makes for a great building site. You will then start the design process and decide where you want to place your log house on the property. When designing your home, you'll have to decide how active you'd like to be in the design process or if you'd like to give the designers the freedom to design what they feel is best. They can create everything from rustic style log house designs to contemporary log houses or a mix of both by mixing materials. They design log houses with full round logs, as well as post and beam and timber frame homes that turn out to be incredible masterpieces that blend in with the natural settings. You'll see in some of their exterior photos of the log houses they've designed, that they've even worked with curved timbers and natural timbers with twists and knots in them for one of a kind log home designs.

No matter if what style of home you're designing, the designers will usually visit the building site first. This helps them to get a feel for what type of home would fit best on the landscape. They want you to see all of the opportunities as well as the restrictions of the building site you've chosen and the best way to capture all of the views from inside your future log house. You'll want to also spend some time on your land getting a feel for where you'd like your log house to be built and which views you appreciate most. Some people spend time camping on their land for a while to get a sense of where they would like their home to be. You can also have a look at the interior design of the log houses they've designed to get some ideas for what you'd like the inside of your home to look like. From natural wood staircases to intricate doorways and custom doors and windows, the designers have done it all. Have a look through their portfolio of designs and see which ones you like best.***

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