Gorgeous Green Valley Log Home for $70,000.

Gorgeous Green Valley Log Home for $70,000.

Is a retreat away from the city in your future? What about a Gorgeous Green Valley Log Home for $70,000? Imagine getting away from the hectic city life? There is a way to have a lifestyle with an oasis by the lake or a summer cottage. There are so many easy and affordable log home kits which can help you to own your new little retreat. When you first decide to build a log home, you notice that everything is customizable and you get to choose every finishing from the floors to the shingles. Also depending on the company, you get to choose the type of wood you would like. Different woods have different characteristics, and it is important to analyze the type of wood you choose so you are satisfied. Some of the more popular types of wood are as follows:

Cypress: has an strong odor and is a heavy dense wood, meaning it never "dries out" and creates a moist environment inviting mildews and molds to grow.

Yellow Pine: prone to twist and warp. This causes gaps in between the logs (and therefore loss of wood-to-wood contact).

White Cedar: AKA "Swamp Cedar" and is a small tree (increasing the number of joints in the wood when building).

Red Cedar: has soft knots that turn soft or shrink, and even fall out, which leads to leaking (and wasted time, money and repairs). Despite this flaw, its cost is at the 'high end' of the woods.

Oak: Heavier hardwood ( harder to work with than most softwoods).

One species that stands out for being great to use to build Log Homes is White Pine. It will last for generations and is easy to work with, with a pleasant odor and no shrinking knots. As popularity continues to rise for these log home retreats, these kits are just going to get better and better. Now you can own your own log home in a fraction of the time (and expensive labor costs). More and more people are demanding simple and short-term construction times compared to the months and months it took to previously build one of these homes.

So if you are interested in what you read and would like to learn more about this lifestyle, click the website link below to visit the website eLogHomes! The site has amazing galleries and you never know, a Gorgeous Green Valley Log Home could be yours for just $70,000!

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