Goat Rentals Take Off In Seattle On First Day Of Amazon Home Services

Goat Rentals Take Off In Seattle On First Day Of Amazon Home Services

Anyone who has tried clearing well-established vegetation from a rocky, uneven slope knows how challenging it can be to clear land in this state. Goats, however, have no problem nimbly scaling steep terrain to reach their favorite munchies.

If you happen to be a homeowner caught with the dilemma of wondering how you are going to deal with overgrown weeds, there is a new option available to you. It is now possible to rent a herd of goats to help you clear your land. This is a win-win situation, you get your land cleared without breaking your back, and the goats get to dine on your weedy delicacies.

And if that wasn't cool enough already, this service is now available through the new Amazon Home Services program. In addition to offering an endless array of books and products online, Amazon is now connecting with service providers to promote and sell their services online. I would never have thought I would see the day that people would sit down at their computers and order a herd of rental goats, but I guess the future is here!

This new service is available now in Washington state and is exploding in popularity already. With a response like this I'm sure goat rental services will become available in many communities in the near future. A fringe benefit to clearing the land with goats is that they leave behind their waste as fertilizer for the soil. Goats can also be much more ecologically friendly than previously used alternatives for land clearing such as herbicides and heavy machinery.

Goats are able to eat many common invasive weeds such as blackberry bushes, scotch broom, morning glory, ivy, thistles, and knotweed. And if all that is not enough to convince you, then consider the fact that goats are so much fun to watch. They are cute, playful and energetic, and I am sure this service is worth it's cost in entertainment value alone.

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