Frightening McDonalds Facts That Will Turn Your Stomach

Frightening McDonalds Facts That Will Turn Your Stomach

Waking up the 'morning after' a McDonald's binge is almost like a hang over: dry mouth, spinning head, and again craving that salty fatty taste of McDonald's Food. How can something that makes you feel so rotten, also be something that you crave

McDonald's cravings are all about the salt and the fat right? Or are they? Is this why you wake up feeling terrible? Rumors are out there make us believe that there might be even some worse ingredients in this addictive brand.

Some reasons you may want to avoid this brand:

1. Ever heard of a common insect killer called ammonium sulfate? Not only is it used in soil and to kill insects, but it is also reported to be used to produce the bread in McDonalds menus. Hm..not a good start.

2. Chicken nuggets are the most common choice by kids and yes, they are delicious too! But, they contain silicone oil called dimethylpolysiloxane that is commonly used to produce contact lenses and medical instruments. This should make you hesitant to buy your kid his next McDonalds Happy Meal.

3. Next, their Big Mac and your consistent choice of a burger. McDonalds make use of Cysteine-L, a synthesised amino acid from human hair or duck feathers. It is perhaps their best shot to make sure their meat are tasty and their breads are soft. As you can see, the list is getting worst.

4. Most McDonalds meals are full of TBHQ, an additive but potentially fatal. Are you wondering why their customers are still breathing? Its because the FDA only allows them to be 0.02% of the foods fat. Lucky you.

5. Unfortunately, they also use Propylene Glycol, a chemical usually found in e-cigarettes and anti-freeze. So, beware.

6. Their factory chickens poultry feed are also added with anti-depressants. The next time you order a chicken meal from McDonalds, you may feel a little bit happier than before.

So, you are now aware of the traceable amounts of chemicals in your favourite McDonalds food. It should be enough to lessen your cravings for Big Mac. Maybe you will choose to get your next hangover food from your kitchen instead of them.