Fried Cheesecake Strawberries

Fried Cheesecake Strawberries

Year after year, it seems stranger food items are being lathered in some sort of gooey batter, fried until crisp, and then plopped in my watering mouth and yours. I love fried chicken, but what I adore even more is this fried cheesecake strawberries recipe! I know, this strawberry recipe sounds a little peculiar, but after sinking your teeth into a warm fried cheesecake strawberry, you will never again judge anything for being fried. I certainty do not. Seriously, almost everything in your kitchen and mine is better fried. I especially love fried fruit.

It seems each year at the summer carnival, there are more options for fried foods. There are fried chocolate chip cookies, fried pickles, fried bananas, and now, even these tasty fried cheesecake strawberries. These luscious strawberries are truly scrumptious and leave your mouth watering for more. There is something extremely tasty about strawberries that are covered in warm, crispy dough. I am not sure what keeps me going back to the fried food line each summer, but I think it has to do with the food being FRIED. I just love the thick, crispy texture. Next time you are at your local grocery store picking up your weekly food and supplies, be sure to pick up some fresh juicy strawberries to try and fry. I just made these strawberries this week and my kids were more than thrilled! I wish I had a camera to snap a picture of their happy, sweet faces. Take a step outside of the box and try this creative fried cheesecake strawberries recipe today!

In only sixty minutes, you will have a dessert that can serve up to twelve people! Of course, it only serves twelve people if everyone only eats one. I suggest making two batches so that everyone is happy. You can always save the leftovers and warm them up the next day. To make these snacks, all you need to do is pipe cream-cheese mix into the strawberries, refrigerate the strawberries, and then plop them in some batter to fry until crisp. It is that simple. They are great to bring to a party or make as a nice treat for your family. If you run out, you can make more in no time. It really is a simple, yet delicious, strawberries recipe.

Personally, I like to dip my fried strawberries into some warm chocolate or vanilla sauce. My friends love to do it too. There is something beautiful about dipping something already not great for your health into more sugar. If you are already going to eat poorly, why not just go for it? Some of us on the other hand do not like all the sugar. For example, my boyfriend loves his fried strawberries plain. However you like your fried strawberries, do not be afraid to eat more than one. Nobody is judging you. Please your soul, and devour a few today. If you like them, share your new recipe with friends and family.

So, if you are wondering what kind of dessert to bring to your next holiday party or your children are tired of eating the same chocolate chip cookies as their late night dessert, try these luscious little bites of goodness and soak in your little moment of happiness. Nobody will be disappointed. Your husband or wife will love you. I highly recommend making them on a cold night when you want something to warm your belly. Do not worry about how many you eat. We all deserve a break from eating salads and counting calories. Put on some stretchy pants and devour a couple. You will be more than happy with your decision. I know I was.

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