For Only $9000 You Can Have Your Tiny Cabin By Lakefront Log Cabins

For Only $9000 You Can Have Your Tiny Cabin By Lakefront Log Cabins

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places where you can build your tiny lakeside cabin, the beautiful lake where California and Nevada meet. This place has seven world class resorts and not only has majestic mountains, but mountains with jaw-dropping cliffs. Teach your kids to ski in a place where it can spark their passion for the snow. You can have a good time everyday by living in one of the lakeside cabins. Lakefront Log Cabins offers cabins that are optimized in several different sizes ranging from 12x16 feet to 18x32 feet. These are perfect for weekend getaways, hunting cabins and primary residences.}

Lakefronts standard cabin kits are created from fresh milled logs and precut by Amish craftsmen in Kentucky. The process of precutting actually takes 3-4 weeks and the delivery will be arranged by Lakefront. Construction, permits, zoning and off-loading are up to customers. These cabin kits are sent all over the country including Alaska, as well as working with customers in Canada and Panama. You can can start your cabin at the price of $8,960 and that is for the 12x16 foot. The most expensive cabins is the 18x32 which has an amount of $17,425. They also offer smaller cabins in 10x12 foot.

The prices includes all tongue-and-groove white or yellow pine; pressure-treated foundation runners; two insulated Pella windows, one steel entry door; #1 metal roofing with R11 insulation; three-year warranty on stain with Watershield and UV protectant; caulk, nails and screws; sub-floor and wood floor; P2000 insulation with R27 value. The team find difficulty in including the electrical and plumbing hookups in the kits. Add loft to your cabin with just only $648 for the 12x16 and this already include the trimming, pre-built ladder, railing, support beams and the tongue-and groove white or yellow pine. A matching outhouse could be your when purchasing a cabin kit for only $925 measures 4x4 feet with dual seats. This outhouse has buckets to use under the seats for tidy and quick disposal.

Home-sized cabin kit in 28 feet wide with a front door on the long side are also being offered by Lakefront Log Cabins. There are many new designs including an extended corner porch model. Check on more of these amazing tiny log cabins at the website link below to 'Tiny Homes'. Get your cabin kit now and enjoy your summer getaways.

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