For only $29,000 this Log Cabin is Awesome MUST SEE Floorplans

For only $29,000 this Log Cabin is Awesome MUST SEE Floorplans

Is it your secret dream to live in a log cabin? Then you gotta check out this awesome one for only $29,000! Affectionately named the Vacation Home, this open-concept, spacious log cabin with vaulted ceilings has a fantastic kitchen, great room, and lovely large bedrooms as well. The classic log cabin is truly one of Americas most enduring symbols. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin? You can even visit a reconstructed version of his birth cabin at Sinking Spring Farm in Hodgenville, Kentucky.We often assume log cabins were first made in North America, but this actually isnt the case. Log cabins actually come from Swedish immigrants who settled in the Delaware area back in 1638. Coming from a long line of log home builders, they were extremely happy when they first saw the American landscape because, with all of its forests, it very much resembled their own homeland. They fit right in and started building their traditional homes almost immediately.

Log homes didnt really start catching on until the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783, when the 13 Colonies of what is now the United States all came together to fight for independence against the British. The log home concept then began to spread throughout the 13 Colonies and grew in popularity until the American Civil War (1861-1865). Thats when it really started to catch on like wildfire. As American pioneers moved farther and farther west, so did log cabins! The popularity of the log cabin peaked in the late 19th century, and then it slowly began to ebb once again in North America; but today, as we all know, its making a huge comeback. Log cabins are becoming all the rage once again, for all kinds of sensible reasons. Theyre relatively inexpensive to buy and to live in and they promote a more eco-friendly, simpler way of life.

To learn more about this awesome log cabin and its MUST SEE floorplans, please visit the Log Home Mart website, below!

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