For a Cottage like This, $43,050 Is a Bargain (Click to View Floor Plan)

For a Cottage like This, $43,050 Is a Bargain (Click to View Floor Plan)

The Lakeview log cabin kit offers a good amount of space and storage in a log cabin plan that is simple and rustic. This log cabin kit has an open concept design with two bedrooms for privacy. The log cabin kit has a nice covered front porch and open space inside great for entertaining and dining in the warm summer months. This log cabin kit is easy to build and maintain, in a log cabin design that offers everything you need to be the ideal weekend and holiday retreat. You are sure to love this log cabin design.

This log cabin kit is available with different options, from a logs only kit to a complete package log kit. Prices for the log only log cabin kit start at $21,700, up to $43,050 for a complete package. This charming log cabin kit has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and cathedral ceilings. Coventry Log Homes is a family run business located in Woodsville, Hew Hampshire. The log home company has over 20 years of log home experience. The company started by Jim Elliott when his children were young, with each of his children being introduced to the business as they got older. When Jim decided it was time to retire and felt he wanted to work fewer hours, his son, Jeff decided to start his own log home business. This was when Coventry Log Homes was born.

Coventry Log Homes was named after their New Hampshire home towns original name that was later changed to Benton. Jeff started by building a small wood mill on the horse lot that belonged to his father on Court Street in Woodsville. He then hired his younger brother, Mark, and became incorporated in 1994 naming himself president and Mark, the vice president.

The first years found Jeff drafting log homes, handling log home sales and figuring and ordering materials. Mark worked the wood mill, and Jeff helped there when needed. When an extra wood mill guy was hired Mark was freed up to work in sales, prepare to log home materials lists and do the ordering. A draftsman was the next hire which freed Jeff to concentrate on expanding Coventrys line of products and services. The family has been there every step of the way, as this log home business grew.

Coventry Log Homes has over 60 models in five separate categories from the Craftsman, the Tradesman, the Cabin and the Recreational Camp Series as well as log home additions and garages. The log mill produces three different package options to include the log wall, the shell and the complete package in a variety of log profiles. Coventry log homes also make a six by 8 and eight by eight solid log milled home to look like the traditional look of clapboard siding as well as regular log home siding.

The Somersworth log home model was built on the mill lot in 1999 to showcase Coventry log homes to the public. By 2004, an addition to the log home model was designed to allow for the expansion of office personnel while maintaining the original integrity of the Somersworth log home floor plan. At that time, the sales team was doubled to four. The following year the mill yard was expanded when the next door drive-in theater became available for sale. By mid-2008, five of the six recreational log camp models were erected next to the Somersworth model. Coventry log homes has a lot of experience at building log homes, and will help to bring your log home dreams to life. They will help guide you in the log home building process, and give advice along the way.

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