For a 410 Sq. Ft. Forest House, $56,500 Is an Excellent Deal, Don't You Think?

For a 410 Sq. Ft. Forest House, $56,500 Is an Excellent Deal, Don't You Think?

There are not many homes that sell for less than 300,000 these days, but you will be excited when you see this great park model, "Cabin Title 68", in the woods, which is for sale, for only $56,500, if you can believe it. People find it extremely difficult to find a condo that is even smaller than this, which would likely be double the price of this lovely cabin. Can you imagine yourself living here? It would be so peaceful, out in the perfection of nature, with nothing but you and the trees and the animals to enjoy. The cabin was built around eight years ago, by Jeff and Patti Battistini, from a prefabricated park model from the Laurel Creek Homes company. They chose to build the cabin right in the forest, at a mobile home park that is surrounded by trees. The park that the home is located in is called, Sugar Pine RV Park, close to Twain Harte. Twain Hart, a lovely quaint little town, is located just East from the city of San Francisco, in California, the sunshine state. It only costs $350 per month to lease the land here at Sugar Pine RV Park and the park includes a maintained laundry facility and a pool that is available for use, which is a desirable feature.

Jeff and Patti, are happy to sell their home to someone who will enjoy it as much as they have the past eight years of their lives, and they are sad to move from it, but it seems it is time for them to move on. The house is yours to own, and you can modify it as much as you like once you own it, the land that is a part of the lease agreement, is the buyer's to use as they please as well. Imagine using the fire pit just down the hill from the home for late night camp fires in the woods. There is also a lovely creek that runs through the forest behind the house, it sounds just too inviting! This would be great for a family cabin for a family who is newly purchasing a cabin, everything is already there for them!

This little prefab cabin is just beautiful inside as well, it looks very well looked after and feels very welcoming and relaxing. They mention in their add on Tiny House Listings, that the interior of the home will all be left "as is" for the buyer. They will leave everything behind mostly, along with all of the furniture, and dishes and kitchen supplies, as long as the buyer wants it all. There is a futon that will be left for guests to sleep on, that would come in handy, as well as the recliner and side table, so the living room would be fully furnished upon arrival. The great big, large window is a wonderful size to allow in so much sunlight, which is needed in a smaller space to really open it up. All of the drapes and curtains will most likely be left behind too. A full bathroom with a full bath tub and all porcelain sink, bathtub and toilet, is in the cabin, in a fairly good size and it is always nice to have a bathtub in your home. The kitchen is fully equipped, with a full sized stove, and a refrigerator. It also has a lot of pantry storage and lots of good counter space. There will be a bed left in the bedroom, as well as two twin beds in the loft area, with a couple of dressers. The storage provided in the cabin is great as well, with a closet in the master bedroom and in the hallway too. Tiny House Listings shows you all of the photos of the home and lists more details about it as well!

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