For 538 Sq. Ft. House, This Cutie Almost Feels Too Spacious (Click for Floor Plan)

For 538 Sq. Ft. House, This Cutie Almost Feels Too Spacious (Click for Floor Plan)

This Cabin Laksvatn is a simple, minimalistic design that feels clean and modern. The tiny cabin is located on the edge of the peninsula Lyngen Troms, Northern Norway and is surrounded by amazing mountain scenery. The location is made up of dense forest, with views of the dramatic mountains in most any direction you look. This was a building program to build a retreat for a large family who needed a total of 9 beds with a modest budget. Early in the process, it was decided to limit the floor surface to 538 square feet as above that size would trigger several technical requirements according to the Norwegian building code.

The tiny house design might be small in size, but it is huge in design elements. The concrete floor and fireplace work well in the tiny house space and blend almost seamlessly with the stunning small stainless steel kitchen area. The stainless steel stove and kitchen cabinets are unique. There wood walls, and accents throughout, and dark wood used on the exterior. The green couch and matching green details added another element that sets this tiny house apart. The floating green stairs that lead to the upstairs sleeping area are also unique. And you can't deny that the scenic views of the mountains and forests all around don't inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy some time hiking or outdoor fun.

This tiny house just works so well with its natural location, from the green used inside for the couch, to the concrete and wood. The use of lots of glass offers up all the great views that surround the tiny home, but it's like the inside, and the outside location of the tiny house were meant to be. When you are inside the tiny home, the large windows and scenery become part of the home, and the color of the couch matches the color of the outdoor scenery for an amazing effect. The outdoor wooden patio just feels like an extension of the property itself almost like it leads into the house, rather than out. A beautiful tiny house design!

It seems these days that everywhere you look there are tiny house stories from locations all over the world. More and more people have been thinking about tiny homes, and for this reason, you see a lot of plans, designs, and style available to choose. In the last four decades, homes have gotten larger and larger, whereas now it seems there are some people who are shifting their idea of how much space they need. We don't need as much space as we all think. For many people tiny house living has become a lesson in simplicity and a break from needing so much, in a world that is so highly consumer driven. We could all use a bit less, and with some of the money we save by purchasing all that 'stuff' would afford more of doing the things we enjoy.

People are often surprised to find out how many types of tiny house designs, plans and styles are out there. You'll find tiny houses with names like dome houses, teardrop campers, tiny house sheds, tree houses, and car campers. Along with people living in gypsy vardo caravans, tiny apartments, tiny cottages, yurts, and RVs. A tiny house can be used as a backyard office, a writers retreat or an artists studio; they don't just need to be used for full time living. And you've probably seen more tiny houses around than you realize. With houseboats, prefabricated houses, beach shacks and log cabins being a few example.

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