Floating Hotel and Catamaran Apartments Offer a Luxurious Private Getaway

Floating Hotel and Catamaran Apartments Offer a Luxurious Private Getaway

Today more than ever there are a wide variety of tiny house and small home places to stay and getaway for the weekend in, available in lots of styles, plans and designs. This "Floating Hotel and Catamaran Apartments Offer a Luxurious Private Getaway," is just one of the exciting places you can get away from it all.

This floating hotel and catamaran apartments really do offer a luxurious private getaway for people who want something unique. The apartments offer a water style vacation, in a floathing hotel and catamaran styled apartment. The Serbia based design studio Salt & Water created this luxury accommodation concept that is aimed at promoting tourism on the inland waters. The apartments allow guest to enjoy the water without disturbing the surrounding natural environment. The design of the floating hotel has a central construction that has the reception, a restaurant, an event hall, offices, and a cafe, this is also how the visitors get into the catamarans. Each catamaran apartment can be separated from the dock and independently navigated, so guests can independently separate from the dock, thus allowing them to choose a private location for their stay.

Inside, each catamaran apartment can accommodate between two and four people, there is a salon, galley, bathroom and sleeping area. Outside there are two outdoor spaces great for relaxing (a beach platform and flying bridge). There is also a terrace that allows for access for swimming, diving, fishing and sunbathing. The catamaran apartments have large windows and lots of outdoor areas, offering the perfect space to relax and enjoy your stay. You'll find lots of photos of these unique catamaran apartments, that really are a modern and original way to spend your vacation.

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