Fibonacci Treehouse

Fibonacci Treehouse

Just when you think you have seen it all, there is yet another super inspiring home to see. Behold the Fibonacci Treehouse, designed by British design firm Blue Forest for a client in Spain in a beautiful forested area. The small house is a totally fun tree house, with rope and wooden bridges and viewing decks, galore, there is even a huge aluminum slide! This would be such a fun spot for kids and the kids at heart. The whole house is based upon the Fibonacci ratio, which is the sacred geometry that can be found in all living things in the universe. The spiral starts small in the middle and then expands outward, and we can find evidence of this in galaxies, in plants, in animals, and our own anatomy.

The house kind of looks like a swiss roll cake! It is a very small house, most likely just used as a cabin for shorter stays in the forest. There are a sink and cabinetry, with a little mini refrigerator, but that is about it inside the house. There is no bathroom, so maybe just an outhouse. The design is beautifully executed with all of the wooden siding on the exterior, and the wooden paneling on the interior of the tiny house, extending to the hardwood flooring, and wooden ceiling panels, creating a continuous flow of wood in the curved shape. The entire front of the house is done in glass doors that fold open like an accordion so that the whole front of the house can be open to the outdoors. The two curves on either side of the house complete the Fibonacci spiral and add some architectural interest to the exterior.

Another wonderful part about this unique tiny house project is that they didn't even cut down any trees to build this tree house and all of its bridges and decks. They built around the trees, making them part of the bridges and viewing decks. This shows respect to the environment surrounding the home that should be an integral part of any build if we want to live in harmony with the Earth. What a wonderful design this tiny house has, and it would make for a great place to camp out or use as a studio space away from it all, to relish in the creative energy of nature! All you would have to do is bring a mattress and some blankets, food and drinks, and you are ready for a weekend of relaxation and simplicity.

Small Spaces Addiction is the place to go for tiny house inspiration. You will be glued to your computer or phone or tablet screen as you scroll and click through the endless amounts of beautiful tiny home designs. Through their website, you can also check out more of the fabulous Eco-conscious designs from Blue Forest design firm. They have some amazing and inspiring designs in their portfolio on their website. They seem to specialize in eco-cabins and eco-pods that would be used as cabins or smaller home living arrangements, as well as tree houses like this one you see here! They have also designed schools as well as playgrounds! There are more and more amazing home designs coming out these days, and many of them are tiny houses. It just goes to show that you don't have to have a mansion to express some unique design and character! So have a look at this uniquely inspiring house and make sure you look at some other homes on Small Spaces Addiction as well. You might just become so inspired that you want to build one of your very own tiny houses! Have fun!

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