Farmer Hand Builds Charming Cob House For $250

Farmer Hand Builds Charming Cob House For $250

It's no secret that buying a home is a huge investment these days, many people go into debt and pay for a mortgage for a good portion of their life. However, a new revolution is sweeping the nation - people are turning to sustainable and affordable ways of living like this guy who built a cob house for $250.

The man who guys by the name Buck, is 59 years old and built the entire house with his own two hands and without the use of power tools. He wanted to prove that it is possible to build a home without doing damage to the earth and using materials that cost very little. The house is made of straw and mud as well as salvaged materials he found or received. After living in the house for years, he now rents it out to a lady who gives him milk in exchange for rent.

You would think a home made of straw and mud would look dirty and disgusting, but it is a surprisingly beautiful home. Of course it's modest and without the usual luxuries one would have in a modern abode, like running water, electricity, heat, or a fridge... but it does have everything you need to live. It has a wood stove to keep warm and a nearby well which also acts as a refrigerator. In addition there is an outhouse and a chicken coop too. The interior is quite lovely and clean.

If you're thinking of building a new home, perhaps you'll consider doing the same thing as Buck and build yourself a hobbit-like home that blends with nature. Or perhaps you can just build it as a cottage retreat to get away from the city for a few weeks out of the year. Either way, it's a cool idea and worth taking a look.

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