Family Of Four Downsizes From 1700sf to 300sf With Style

Family Of Four Downsizes From 1700sf to 300sf With Style

Do you ever wonder about having a family and moving into a tiny home? While you might have thought that this was next to impossible, checkout this article as a family of four downsizes from 1700sf to 300sf With Style. It's a big decision buying a home, and it's usually one that people take quite seriously. In the past the norm has been to get a mortgage on a house, and usually people go far beyond what they can afford. This leads to being indebted to the banks, and this pressure takes a lot of our freedom away. Without any debt, we can feel comfortable knowing we are free, while an outstanding debt makes us feel as though we need to work or else the bank will come after us. It's a scenario that many people have accepted, especially as we begin to have families and look to have a larger dwelling.

Back in the day it was normal to find a house for $20, 000 that was large enough for a family, and had a yard too. Nowadays with inflation and the current bubble around the real estate market, those same houses cost a ridiculous amount of money. Even though the bubble continues to expand, eventually it will burst and with it many people might lose their homes. If you're one of the few lucky people that fully own your house, then that's great! For the rest of us, if you are currently indebted, then maybe you should consider making the switch to a tiny home as well. While you may have thought this was only possible for a single person or couple, now you can see that this family has successfully made the switch from 1700sf to 300sf with style nonetheless.

There are certain things that you can't do in such a tiny space, like run around and play... but who needs to be indoors when you can walk outside and play there instead? So many kids these days spend their time inside playing video games and other electronic devices, whether it's on their phone, ipod, ipad, computer etc. This is causing them to be incredibly anti social and lacking the fresh air their little bodies require.

If you live in a tiny home on the other hand, you have no choice but to spend more time outdoors. Who wants to stay in such a small space for the entire day? This family really did a great job at making their home comfortable and stylish, utilizing all the storage space possible under the steps and along the walls. The bedrooms are situated in the loft area above the main level, and the boys share the one half while their parents share the opposite end. While the privacy may be a little less than their use to, all in all this family seems to be quite please with the transition. They have a blog where they post updates about their living situation, so make sure to check it out if you're interested in following them at all. Just click on one of the links in this article to get redirected!

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