FabCab = Fabulous PreFab Cabin Homes BEAUTIFUL INSIDE

FabCab = Fabulous PreFab Cabin Homes BEAUTIFUL INSIDE

There are so many people wanting to go small, and live in a small cabin or tiny home. This company FabCab = Fabulous PreFab Cabin Homes, at great, affordable prices, and high quality materials. The Fab Cab company is out of Seattle, Washington, and offers people some great plans for timber frame housing, which can sometimes be a long and expansive process. Fab Cab allows you to order a pre fabricated cabin, that is energy efficient and sustainable. The company works with other suppliers for their manufacturing needs, and has an efficient set up with them so that the whole process runs super smoothly.

All of the wood they use is Douglas Fir that comes from sustainable tree plantations, which makes it even more appealing. They use Structural insulated panels (SIP) for their walls, and they also use low chemical finishes for everything in the home, so that the air quality can be the best. The cabins can be put on any piece of land now, so the customers don't have to jump through so many loop holes as they might have had to before, which is always a good thing. When you are building a home, you just want it to go as smoothly as possible, right?

These Fabulous Cabins are not only eco friendly, sustainable, efficient and affordable, they are beautiful looking and quite stylish actually! They look nice and modern and very contemporary, I love the way the ceilings are nice and high, and how they have nice large windows, some floor to ceiling windows in some of the rooms, to let in the out doors, and a lot of nice, natural light. The rooms are nice and spacious too, but don't waste a lot of space which is great. These are the new revolution in pre fab! Check them out by heading over to 'Best of Remodelling' by following the link in the section below for more!

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