Extraordinary Off-Grid Hobbit Home in Wales Only Cost £3,000 to Build

Extraordinary Off-Grid Hobbit Home in Wales Only Cost £3,000 to Build

Hobbit homes have become increasingly popular especially in an age where people have known films like 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' all their life. In fact, tiny homes like this have become a mainstay in areas like Switzerland and Wales, the latter wherein common housing practices are done or built using locally-produced materials as well as those that are natural and environment-friendly. A common imagery of a hobbit home depicts that of a tree-like hut that takes its necessary housing needs like water and light directly from nature, thus, it harmonized well with its surroundings rather than harm it. The concept behind this is entirely interesting and might be a really huge hit for the environmentalists and vegans alike.

One individual called Simon Dale of Wales was not an architect nor is he an Interior Design expert. With a little of £3,000 on hand, a few building tools, some naturally-sourced materials, a bright idea and his father-in-law, he was able to build a low-energy home as well as a low-cost living space for his family in the form of his very own hobbit home. The design very much reminisces the scenes from movies including the Middle-earth as well as happy elves. In all actuality, the hobbit home in which he co-created exudes an aura of happy and contented living. There is the rustic flare of it in some parts of the house integrating a few magic touches that gives it a fairytale atmosphere!

The house was completed in a little over four months in a certain hill in Wales. The hobbit home uses ingenious system that pipes cool air from underground, the water in which they need for living is sourced by a nearby lake, and electricity is provided by solar panels. The interior walls utilized lime plaster to make the living experience more comfortable and breathable than when cement is used. All in all, this earth-friendly hobbit home is a great innovation from regular people with a great mind and compassion for nature!

To have a better look at the hobbit home, please visit the 'Inhabitat' website below.

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