Exceptionally Creative DIY Tree Stumps Projects to Complement your Interior with Organicity

Exceptionally Creative DIY Tree Stumps Projects to Complement your Interior with Organicity

While the grammar snob in you might protest at the ostentatious and poorly attempted suffix faux pas of "Organicity", you can't really argue that these do-it-yourself Tree Stumps are indeed exceptionally creative projects that can do wonders to complement your home, business, or cottage interior. There's nothing that says, well, organic, like, something that was once a tree. These images reveal an absolutely stunning display of DIY artistry and ingenuity, especially considering that they're DIY, that most require a chainsaw at the least, and many evince a completely professional, not to mention sculptural, sensitivity and attention to aesthetic grace. Oh, and they're tree stumps.

These images come to us from the creative and prolific folks at Homesthetics, a site dedicated to all things home and all things DIY, in areas specific to art, architecture, design, furniture, in addition to a section proffering glorious photos and information relevant to hotels, resorts, and travel. In addition, the site suggests concepts for events, decorating, design and more in their "Ideas" tab, an area of the site that fits well into the last but definitely not least category, eviscerating traditional ideas about design and giving the DIYer a plethora of mind-blowing propositions for home improvement.

With a host of DIY furniture accoutrements made of the lowly yet most magnificent of natural materials, - the tree stump - these fittings put the art back in artifact. Sustainable, beautiful, functional, these items are not your average furnishings. Wildly colored, sanded, sculpted, decorated and finished, many of the trees tump projects displayed here would be equally at home in a lakeside cottage living room or a Bauhaus-inspired design convention of haute couture. And you thought a stump was just a stump.

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