Everything You Thought You Knew about Barns Is Very Wrong

Everything You Thought You Knew about Barns Is Very Wrong

You may have never thought that living in a barn could ever be something desirable, but now homes like this Newnan Barn Home are changing that! When most people think of living in a barn they think that it would be stinky, dirty and very uncomfortable, but this is where things have changed. Living in a barn style home like the Newnan barn home from DC Builders Nationwide, takes the design of a barn and creates a very livable home environment out of it. It still looks like a barn on the outside, with a little bit more of a stylish appeal, and then on the inside, it is nothing like a typical farm barn would be. You will be amazed when you see the photos of the inside of this place! I know I sure was.

The DC Builders company works with clients nationwide designing and building beautiful commercial spaces, barns, barn homes and regular homes. They are stationed in Damascus, Oregon, but have built homes all over the United States. This Newnan Barn home is located in Newnan, Georgia. The barn home is a timber frame which is great for achieving those marvellous high ceilings. The interior is stunning, it is beautifully decorated with rustic style decor with a modern appeal. There is lots of antler decor scattered around, which probably was obtained through the resident's hunting outings. The floor space has a very open concept that ensures great flow and accessibility. In the living room, there is an exquisite stone chimney fire place that would heat the entire house on colder days.

The kitchen is very modern looking with appealing granite counter tops, plenty of cabinet and storage space as well as large stainless steel appliances. One of the beautiful features of the house is the chandelier that hangs from the centre of the barn home from a tall peak. The dormers on the home house the bedrooms, which gives each of them plenty of space and privacy. The patio, on the ground level of the home has patio chairs and heating lamps so people can sit outside even if its a little bit chilly out as well as the fire place that also opens to the outside. They utilize the beautiful large barn doors on this barn house which give it that country style look, but it also looks so appealing. We are seeing more of this sliding barn door hardware being used to give homes an interesting industrial look.

Barns built out of quality wood like the ones you see on DC Builders Nationwide, could potentially stand for over one hundred years much like the barns and homes we see built out of wood that have been standing for decades out in the country. Barn building kits began being available for purchase in the early 1900s through adds in the local news papers. The customer would order the style of barn they liked the best and all of the materials to build it would be delivered to their land, much like how it happens in this day and age. The only difference is that we can now have the luxury of being able to order online and have virtual tours of the barn homes before purchasing one. You will definitely want to have a look around at the many other projects DC Builders Nationwide have worked on around the country, they are absolutely gorgeous. So if you never thought about living in a barn structure, you might want to reconsider after having a peek at these beautiful barn homes! Have a look and pick out your favourites!

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