Everything You Need to Build a Tiny House on Your Own

Everything You Need to Build a Tiny House on Your Own

This lovely Lugarde Malibu Log Cabin 4.0m x 4.0m from Simply Log Cabins, is one of the awesome cabin kits for sale through their website. There are so many large, expansive log homes and cabin kits for sale on the internet, but Simply Log Cabins shows us that good things can come in small packages. The charm and simplicity of a smaller log cabin is prevalent in these sweet and practical log cabin designs. The Simply Log Cabins company manufactures their prefab log cabin kits to offer people looking to buy a log cabin, cabins that are easy to assemble on their own, at great affordable prices. For example, this lovely little cabin is only 4,719.00 for the starting price. This is perfect for a little cabin to use as a place to retreat to when life gets to hectic. Or, smaller log cabin designs like this one can be used as a backyard addition. If the cabin is being built as an accessory dwelling unit in addition to your preexisting home, you usually don't even need a permit to build. But you should be sure to check with your local requirements as to what your specific town's rules and regulations are. Many people use a cabin this size to have as a guest cottage or a lane way home to rent out to students going to university or college. Others will use these small cabins as a great home gym or a studio to practice yoga and meditation. They also make for awesome home offices and studios for the crafter, artist or musician in your household. Everyone could use a little extra indoor space in their household, so instead of adding onto your house and undergoing painful renovations, these prefab log cabin kits are a great solution.

The Simply Log Cabins company ships their prefab log cabin kits for free all over the United Kingdom and then elsewhere for a fee. They also happen to be one of the leading distributers of prefab log cabins in the United Kingdom. The company also has building kits for building garages, car ports, sheds, work out studios, gazebos and play houses for the kids. They also have many different items that can be purchased to add onto your log cabin kit to make your home and yard a haven for you and your family and anyone who enters.

Prefab log cabin kits and log home kits serve as a great choice for people who are just newly building a cabin, who want a small backyard addition or need a start up home that is affordable and yet practical. On the Simply Log Cabins website, they offer prefab log cabin kits in all different sizes and styles to suit the different needs of different people. Prefab housing is a great way to build any structure and it began the early 1900s. In North America, Sears was the main distributer in the prefabricated building industry in the early 1900s, but fast forward to today and now we have hundreds of great companies distributing log house and cabin kits all over the world. Most of the log cabin building kits can be built on your own, with the assistance of a few more people, and usually one of the small log cabin designs like this one can be built in a weekend. All of the pieces are pre cut and labeled and ready to be assembled with instructions to help you build effortlessly. Simply Log Cabins can also find you a builder in your area to build your log cabin kit for you if you are unable to. So check out this great log cabin kit as well as their other models and see what you think.*

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