ESCAPE XL Traveler Now on Sale

ESCAPE XL Traveler Now on Sale

Are you looking for a new way to travel, or a more simple way to live your life? Then you will totally want to check out this ESCAPE XL Traveler, Now on Sale! Tiny house living and tiny houses on wheels are not just for traveling gypsies anymore. People are making a shift into living full time in them, as a more affordable, and mobile way to live. We have seen so many different ways of living over the time of our history, and there is really not one perfect way to live people are realizing. So this is allowing people to really think about what would make them the happiest in their lives. Most people feel that money and their jobs that take up too much of their time, is giving them the majority of their stress. People are stressed about their high debts, and yet they have these huge houses that they are told they have to have to be worth anything. Well let me tell you, worth doesn't have prerequisites...

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the American Dream, or the industrial revolution, doesn't have much substance when you get past all of the sparkle and excitement. The consumerist nation is something that is so unsustainable for the planet, as well as for individuals. It is a culture that has been surviving on instant gratification and where all significant meaning and true connection have gone out the window. But it is now changing, because people's minds are changing as far as what we feel we need to have a good life. It won't be the same as the generation before us, that is something we must understand too. It might be looking something more like our grand parent's era, more simplified and down to earth.

This is where the tiny house revolution comes into the picture. For so many years it has been all about getting the big house, the nice car, all of the fancy expensive stuff, but now, people are realizing that that doesn't bring true, lasting happiness. So the tiny house movement is coming into play and people living and building tiny houses are showing people that you can have so much more freedom when you don't own a ton of stuff! Think about it, if you own a big house, you probably have had to buy stuff to fill up that house, and then you just keep accumulating. But owning a tiny house on the other hand is the total opposite. We purge all of our stuff, and trade the large house for a smaller space and more freedom!

This particular tiny house on wheels called the ESCAPE XL is a great example of how beautiful tiny house living can really be. The unit is 269 square feet in total, which is actually a good size compared to some tiny houses out there that can be 60 square feet sometimes. It's 30 foot long and 34 foot with the hitch providing a good amount of space for living. Right now, you can purchase the ESCAPE XL for $72,800 with $2200 off if you pay cash right away for the tiny home on wheels. The home is amazing, and actually looks to have a lot of space! It is all sided with cedar on the outside and pine on the inside, giving it a beautiful cabin in the woods kind of look. There is a bedroom right on the main floor too, which is nice. As well as a nice fireplace to cozy up to in the living room area, and the kitchen right beside, with a nice sized area for dining! There is also a loft sleeping area, or storage area above. You can actually check out the unit in November 2015 at the Portland Build Small Live Large Summit!

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