Enormously Popular $43,000 Classic Style Log Home

Enormously Popular $43,000 Classic Style Log Home

Overlooking North Lake the enormously popular $43,000 classic style log home is a haven at the end of your day. As the water gently laps the shore and breeze rustles the leaves in the branches above, you fire up the barbeque and set to grilling the burgers for the evening meal. The scent of the nearby potted blue and white pansies drifts, mixes and mingles with the tangy scent of sauce. Juices drip, sizzle and dance. In the expansive kitchen, your partner tosses the salad and sets out the toppings. One of the children sets the dining table and the flavors of summer and grilling float into through the open window. You love your open floor plan home. The large spacious family room and dinning room have hosted many get to-gathers and parties. The kitchen just might be your favorite room. With plenty of space to cook and create the house is often filled with the delicious aroma of another tasty meal. That you were able to build your dream home for $43,000 still amazes you. Your long held dream of living on the lake has come true and you have never regretted your decision to leave the city for the quiet of the country. Thanks to 'e loghomes' the dream is no longer a dream, it is your every day reality!

'e loghomes' offers 300 designs for you to choose from, as well as a custom design service. They have a wide variety of log sizes, profiles and corner systems that will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Their log homes are made from seasoned, air dried eastern white pine logs. Each home has a complete weather tight package and is energy efficient, with an air tight log connection system. For more information on this excellent company, visit one of their three service centers or check them out online. You too could be living your dream in the enormously popular $43,000 classic style log home. With it's welcoming porch and open, spacious floor plan, this 2 bed + office, and 2 bath home is the perfect get away or year round home. With a pine shake roof and the white pine logs it is both rustic and classic.

Pine or cedar shake roofs need to be inspected every 5 years to ensure that all the ridge caps are still firmly in place and to determine if shrinkage has occurred. Any exposed felt needs to be addressed to ensure the longevity of your roof. An unmaintained shake roof can last as 15-20 years, where as a maintained shake roof can last up to 50years! Make it part of your regular maintenance. Your beautiful log home, like the enormously popular $43,000 classic style log home is worth it. For further details about this log home plan, visit 'e loghomes' or follow the link below.

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