Enjoy the Comfort of a Delightful Wood House for Just $10,500

Enjoy the Comfort of a Delightful Wood House for Just $10,500

In this day and age, people are looking for affordable solutions to living their lives. This COCO $10,500 home from Alibaba Evensun homes, comes to us from China. People can build their very own tiny homes in a very simple way. You can build your tiny home out of materials you source yourself, like recycled materials, or even new materials. Or you can build with a pre fabricated home building kit! There are many places that offer kits, like this company, offering tiny home pre fabricated kits from China. The price is great for a nice little home like this, which is 805x700cm in size, and the total area comes to 57 square meters in total. The house looks like it would be super cute, and is made from wood pieces that are easy to assemble, you could even do it yourself! Or, have some friends and family help you out building it to save money.

It is shipped to North America in about 30 to 40 days, and has a 2 year warranty under normal conditions. You can also see photos of the different stages of it being built, which will give you a good idea of what the process will be like when you build it. Its so nice that they include all of the photos of the building and assembly process so that you can actually see the product you will be building. These homes would also be great for some one who wanted to be a pre fab home supplier to buy, and then they could sell them here in North America to people. It might work out to be a cheaper option fro suppliers to go through this great company.

This great tiny home, looks so sweet, with the nice sized porch on the front, which would be an excellent place to lounge and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. This house looks like it would be perfect for a couple or a single person, maybe even a smaller family. It would also be great for a guest house or cabin. People often put these on their properties, to rent out as monthly rentals, or as vacation rentals to generate some more income. There also looks to be a lot of windows in this home as well. Which is also something that you want living in a tiny home. This allows so much nice, natural light to flood into the house, bringing heat and light to cut back on electric costs.

People are realizing that you don't need a larger than life house to be happy in life, and therefore, people are choosing to purchase and live in a home that is not going to put them so far into debt. People all over North America, they are selling their huge homes, settling their debts and going with smaller homes like this, that have the perfect amount of space for their needs. People focus more on the things that bring them joy, and having the freedom to do things that they love to do, over making a ton of money and going into debt over things they can't afford in the first place.

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