Encinitas Tiny Home

Encinitas Tiny Home

A lot of people says romance doesn't always pertain to strolling to a beach watching sunset. It is not actually surprising that a lot of couples still do prefer beach getaways and spending time together snorkelling, taking sunset walks while holding each others hand, or for some enjoying an afternoon naps in a cozy room.

Tiny House Vacation has a unique Encinitas home with a floor area of 120 x 30 square feet in size, with a custom built yard. It is consists of hot RV sized shower, a bathroom with sink and composable toilet. Some of the other amenities includes a kitchenette with a granite counter top, a small fridge, sink, oven toaster, hotplate, and the most important coffee maker. For internet surfing addicts, there is a wired and wireless connection intended for the room.

The room is exactly cozy as it has a loft consists of queen sized bed with storage for bags. There is also a fold-out couch intended to accommodate up to two visitors or friends travelling together, small families, or another couple. There are free range of animals roaming around the yard mainly laying ducks and chickens, guinea pigs, rabbit and a two small cutie dogs. Aside from that, Encinitas Tiny Home is just centrally located at 844 Bonita Drive, California and is very accessible to restaurants, several markets, bars, coffee shops whether via a short walk or driving distance. You can also drive round 1.5 miles when youre planning to go to beach surfing or want to learn paddle boarding.

The entire tiny home will only cost you $55 per night and the room can cater 3 to 4 persons as well as kids can stay too. So what are you waiting for? Contact Tiny Home Vacation and grab your reservation now!

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