Efficient Layout Is What Makes This Log Home Truly Exceptional (Click for Floor Plan)

Efficient Layout Is What Makes This Log Home Truly Exceptional (Click for Floor Plan)

Perhaps more than any other style of architecture, log homes seem to have made a lasting imprint on the face of American architecture. A log home not only blends in with its environment but even the most rustic log home also graciously accepts sophisticated interior designs. The McCall Log Home Plan, by Lodge Log and Timber Products, is stunning example of a rustic yet modern log home. This design plan is not only spacious, but its also a perennial favorite for its efficient layout and open great room. One of their most popular models, it is perfect for quiet reflection, taking in spectacular views and for entertaining family and friends. The McCall Log Home Plan is an award-winning design that has made many log home living dreams come true.

Lodge Log and Timber Products, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, has been a leading log home manufacturer since 1975 and continue to exceed customers expectations with each new home they build. Their timber products are among the finest milled log homes available and come with a limited lifetime warranty unparalleled by many other log home manufacturers. Lodge Log and Timber Products combine the best of nature with technology, and each log is milled in their state-of-the-art facility. Their innovative through-bolt wall and foam sealer system with exact-fit and excellent structural stability eliminates chinking throughout the life of their products and assures that every log home they build will withstand the test of time. Not only do they have a large number of design plans, but they also welcome log homeowners the freedom to create a custom home or modify one of theirs to match their preferred tastes and lifestyles.

One of Lodge Log and Timber Products most popular designs is the McCall Log Home Plan. This plan boasts several stunning features, including a large, open great room with a wall of windows, allowing in magnificent views. The master bedroom, on the main floor, also has a master bathroom and a large walk-in closet as well as access through the bedroom to the large deck. The upstairs loft holds a bath and two bedrooms on either side of the house for plenty of privacy and also provides large amounts of space reserved for storage. It is open to the large great room, below, with cathedral ceilings. Entry to this beautiful home is gained through a covered front porch, and there is a large wrap-around deck, giving easy access no matter where you are. This beautiful log home is just over 2,400 square feet and provides a cozy atmosphere through its efficient design, despite its spacious size.

Although shrinkage in log homes is inevitable since living trees have high moisture content, not even drying the logs (including kiln drying) can remove all moisture and even dried wood exposed to the outside air will continue to expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity. However, Lodge Log and Timber Products has a Thru-Bolt system that is truly revolutionary and is designed to securely attach log walls to the foundation. Thru-bolts are also loaded with tension springs to compensate for any shrinkage or settling that will inevitably occur over time (which can be as much as half an inch per eight feet of wall height). This system keeps log homes structurally sound and minimizes effects of settling so that the upper floor and roof are not forced to settle downwards over time. So you can sleep at night with the peace of mind that you are safe and secure in our Lodge Log and Timber products log home. But dont take my word for it. Lodge Log and Timber Products has over 3,000 happy, satisfied customers through more than four decades of fulfilling log home owners dreams of owning a beautiful and high-quality log home.

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