DublDom, A Modular Tiny House

DublDom, A Modular Tiny House

We would like to think that this is becoming the era of tiny houses. It is not something new for people to even choose building and living in a tiny home. It could be a bit challenging and it is going to take a lot of adjustments for those of you who are not used to living in small spaces, but once you get the hang of it and the moment you appreciate the many benefits of living in one, you will say to yourself that it is one of the best decisions you've made in life so far.

Allow us to feature today this tiny house that we discovered in Russia. It is called a DublDom, which means a double house. A company named BIO Architects is the one who designed and who helped the building of this cute modular dwelling possible. There are two of these houses that the company created, one is measured as 26 m2 and the other is 40 m2, which is also known as its sibling house. The 26 m2 was sent to the area dividing into two main parts along with a deck. The back of the house also comes with another space that could be a good place for storage.

This tiny house is a perfect example of the amazing things you could do even if you only have a small space. You will also learn the advantage of having the professionals help you in building it. The project is not that hard to finish when you have the proper tools, vision and a lot of helping hands to make it happen. The final touches have to be interior design, which includes the lighting, the furniture and other pieces that would make this tiny home a livable space. Check out more about this house on the website Small House Bliss below.

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