Dream a Little Dream Log Home

Dream a Little Dream Log Home

With a beautiful log home like this, you can Dream a Little Dream Log Home, and think of all the possibilities that log home living can offer. This stunning log home is just one example of the types of log home builds you will find. The log homes cedar shake roof, wrap around covered patio, large logs, stone chimney, stunning mountain views, forest views, and miniature log cabin below, make this the log home of dreams.

On the At Home Gallery, you will find all sorts of design photo ideas for every room of the house, along with design ideas for the garden, log cabins, log homes and more. On the site, you will find backyard ideas, bedroom ideas, dining room ideas, family room photos, kids room ideas and so much more. We can all use a little design inspiration, especially when we are trying to decorate our homes. Design inspiration can come from lighting ideas, landscaping ideas, and interior design ideas.

When it comes to to decorating a log home or log cabin, you will be inspired as much by the outside of a log home, as you are by the inside. On this site you will find so many log cabin and log home design ideas from stone exteriors, the use of lots of windows, log railing, large log posts and the look they can offer, timber frame log homes, dormers and outdoor patios. When you are looking through the online gallery of log homes and log cabins you will be amazed at just how many log cabin designs there are, and the differences that details such as stone, and size of the log can make.

It also goes to show just how important the location of your log home or log cabin is. Where you decide to build your log home will have a lot to do with your budget, but also what sort of location means the most to you. Most of us would love an oceanview, but that's pricey if you love the ocean you might choose a location that doesn't necessarily overlook the ocean, but one that is close enough for you to hike to the ocean. The same goes for mountainside locations; you may choose a location that is close to the mountain, with mountain views. Your log home or log cabin is sure to be a reflection of the lifestyle that you enjoy living, and the needs of you and your family.

There are all sorts of small details that you can add to your log cabin or log home, that will make your log home, look and feel like home. Some details can be as simple as the potted flowers on the patio, to the use of cedar shakes on the roof, or metal on the roof, that sets the tone for the whole look and feel of the place. The use of shutters on your log home is another way that you can add appeal to your log home or log cabin. The stain or color of the logs that are used in the log home or log cabin is another way to make your log home unique. Some logs will be light in color, some people choose to stain their log cabins (I've even seen a log cabin stained black, for a dramatic look), and it depends on the logs used what color your log home will be. If you've ever seen a log home or log cabin made of Western Red Cedar, you would know as the color is a nice tone of the popular tree.

Looking through the log home gallery on the At Home Gallery pages, will give you plenty of log home and log cabin ideas, for decorating, design, styles and plans of log homes and log cabin builds that you might consider when it comes time to build your own log home.