Do you love the woods? This TINY 500 Square Foot Woodsman Log Home is a MUST SEE!

Do you love the woods? This TINY 500 Square Foot Woodsman Log Home is a MUST SEE!

Do you love the woods? This TINY 500 Square Foot Woodsman Log Home is a MUST SEE! The Woodsman is another fine piece of architectural design brought to us by eLogHomes. eLogHomes offers the full set of blue prints for only $299.95 so you can start planning how this floor plan will be modified to be as unique and special as you.

With a total square footage of less than 500 square feet you'll be cozy and comfortable. Although small in area it is big on style and every little bit has been utilized as the design is very well thought out. You won't find an inch of this home that comes without a purpose. One of my favorite things about this floor plan has got to be the wrap around front porch, this porch eloquently wraps two sides of the home. I imagine you'll have many a morning relaxing out front with a cup of coffee and perhaps many a evening in the same spot with a glass of wine. It's just such a rustic charm that washes over you as you walk through the front door and into the living room which spans side to side in this home. Plenty of windows give a natural light that truly embodies the nostalgic feel of the space. The bedroom on the main floor is close to the kitchen so midnight snacks are always an option and those resting in the loft above won't even hear you as you tip toe back to bed, ice cream in hand.

Decorating the interior space you can optimize the area by using vertical storage. Floating shelves will help keep things off the floor and begin to look like design elements all their own. Perhaps you'll search for some reclaimed barn board to utilize as wall shelves. There is always a local artisan willing and able to help with project such as these. As it's been said before, it's often not what you know but who you know. If you don't have that perfect person in mind for such projects, take a trip to the local watering hole or coffee shop. Get to know the locals and let them get to know you. Before long you'll have a host of new friends with various talents. It's also essential to get to know others in the community because as you embrace rustic living, even if only on the weekends there always comes a time when you need your neighbor. Sometimes your neighbor may also need you, that's just part of the package.

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