Do You Love It?

Do You Love It?

Tiny houses are becoming a trending topic. We can't blame people if they are resorting to living in a small space now rather than going for a big one because it is indeed more economical and reasonable. Once you have found comfort and security in living in a small space, you will realize that it is one of the best decisions you will ever make in this life. You will be able to experience financial freedom in no time and enjoy living your life without having to worry about the huge amount of mortgages and other utility bills that amounts to more than what you could afford.

And since it is a tiny house, you wont have troubles building it yourself as well. You could even use reclaimed materials like this one that is owned by Megan Lea. It is a little studio that can be found in the backyard of her house in Oregon. It was perfectly built to fit in that space with a very quaint design that everyone will love. It looks cozy, and it is a space that doesnt require a lot of maintenance. This 154 square foot studios interior design is captivating, especially on how the furniture was arranged and how the lighting complimented the whole space.

You too can own a studio like this, and you can turn it into not just a usual space where you would sleep or hang out with your friends. You could build a tiny house and make it your office space, entertainment area, guesthouse and even turn it into a recording studio. Be creative and be inspired and dont let that tiny space you have go to waste, instead create something useful out of it.

See more details about this tiny house we just featured on Pinterest, so you have an idea in case you decide to go with this project.

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