Diy Tiny House For Less Than $3500

Diy Tiny House For Less Than $3500

Is it possible to build a tiny home DIY for under $3500 dollars? With costs of building constantly soaring, we look around to find some experiences of others to get a better idea if it is at all possible to build a tiny home for just a few thousand dollars. An example we found of this being possible was of Jenine Alexander who decided that should could build her tiny home on wheels, (or on a trailer so to speak). The benefit of building on a trailer is that it makes it possible to move your home is situations change with the land you are on. Of course, moving around the trailer would not be something that you want to do often, it is certainly something that can be done if needed. One way that innovative folks are able to make this dream happen for them at a lower cost, is to be creative with the materials that get used. We are a culture of 'throw away' and 'junk removal', but so often the junk that we are removing is not really junk, we are simply too lazy to deal with it. There could be old doors, old windows, piles of wood, sinks that are absolutely perfect, but maybe you just want a new faucet head, so you replace it. It is unfortunate that in a lot of cities, it is frowned upon and sometimes even not permitted to go to the dump to scavenge and find good quality, still perfectly useable items that with the right person may just need a little TLC and some elbow grease.

If going to the dump is not for you, a great way to find throw away materials is using the bargain hunters. There are always people advertising the free items so long as you are willing to pick it up. Perhaps one of the most valuable items that you could own for a DIY tiny home would be your own truck so that you could zip around your city and collect materials that are being tossed into the dump.

Craigslist and 'USED' types of websites are very great resources nowadays to find giveaways. I know for myself, so often due to a busy schedule I will be more than happy to give away something for free just so it is out of my sight.

Jenine has built her home with enough storage , light and space all using recycled materials. She also saved money by using a chamber pot rather than a working bathroom, which may or may not be your cup of tea, but is good to know that it is possible.

Way to go Jenine Alexander!

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