DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

These "DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights," are a great craft idea for kids and teens, and some of the adults might like them too! They also make for great DIY home decor projects for the house.

These DIY mason jar fairy lights are so easy to make, and you don't need a long list of supplies to start this project. You may even have some of the supplies already on hand. This one just uses glow in the dark paint, glitter and pretty much any clean jar you can find. It is recommended that you get a few different colors of glow in the dark paint to maximize the effect, but any craft store and even Walmart will have little jars or tubes of this type of paint. This project is a fun and creative craft that can be enjoyed even if you do not do a perfect job painting them, this one is inexpensive enough that you can afford to throw it away or at least give it away when you get tired of it. There is also a step by step video on this project. These fairy glow jars are fun for after dark outdoors ideas, but they also make great DIY home decor for kids rooms or dorm decor. Some of the things you will need for this DIY mason jar fairy lights idea include a jar (any clean jar will do), glow in the dark paint (you can use several different colors if you'd like), paintbrushes (best to use longer ones so you can reach the bottom of the jar), scrap paper, and white school glue (optional).

These fairy lights jars are an easy DIY idea that you can complete in under 30 minutes. To start all you need to do is set up your supplies and get to work. Place a piece of scrap paper like some newspaper down and then squirt some of your assorted glow in the dark paints onto the paper. You want to squeeze out enough paint so that you will be able to paint your jars from the paint on the paper. Place a liberal amount of each color on the paper. Next, you want to start painting your jars with the glow in the dark paint. It is recommended to use a different paint brush for each paint color. You can also use several colors of glow in the dark paint for each jar, you might make some jars in shade of blues and purples, others in yellows and greens, oranges and pinks.

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